Selecting A Wall Color Combinations In 2017

Selecting A Wall Color Combinations in 2017 – If you want to change your home decor, and you don’t have the money to put into fancy furniture and accessories, you can always change the look and feel by changing the wall colors. You can completely transform your home by changing the color of your walls and it’s a simple process that will leave you amazed. The hardest part about changing your Selecting A Wall Color Combinations in 2017, besides the actual physical labor of painting, is choosing what colors you are going to be using.

Helpful Tips

The first thing you should think about when changing your wall colors is the color of the fabric that is going to be in the room when it’s done. If your furniture is a muted brown color, you probably aren’t going to want to paint the walls in a bright yellow. You are going to want to keep the colors on the walls pretty close to the color of the fabrics in the room, but use the fabrics as an accent to create the right atmosphere.

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You can always take a swath of fabric with you to the paint supply store to find the right Selecting A Wall Color Combinations in 2017 to use. Remember that the wall colors shouldn’t match exactly, but rather they should either be a shade or two lighter or darker to give the accent feel to the room. Unless the fabric you are using is for the curtains or drapes, they should match pretty close to the fabric color so that you don’t have a broken look to the room color as a whole.

In order to get an exact match to your fabrics, you can use a spectrometer that calculates the color to give you the exact paint match. Most paint and home improvement stores will have a spectrometer available, and all you will have to do is bring a piece of the fabric in for them to use. This makes matching paint colors with fabrics super easy, and takes loads of time off your shopping experience.

How To Choose Paint Colors For Your Home Interior

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If you have light colored furniture and you want them to stand out nicely, try using a darker Selecting A Wall Color Combinations in 2017 on your walls. This will make your lighter furniture become an accentuating highlight that can give you the feel of spaciousness that is hard to acquire with matching colors exactly. For a more neutral color, you can go a couple of shades stronger than the shade you are looking at, this will give you a deeper tone and create a lively space to live in.


Whatever you do to change the Selecting A Wall Color Combinations in 2017 of your walls, make sure that you are going to be happy with them before you finish painting. One great thing to do is take some samples of the paints you would like to use, and paint a couple of swaths on the walls themselves. You can see what colors are going to work, and what they will look like when they have fully dried. This will give you the best idea of what you want to do next.

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Selecting A Wall Color Combinations In 2017