Safari Theme Ideas For Decorating Rooms

If fact, it is a great idea to have a trip to the nearest forest where you can have a campfire. As a matter of fact, different calls of wild animals may provide the trill to your life. Actually, you can take advantage of different ideas with the help of which one can decorate a room or the whole house which will be accompanied with the safari theme. No doubts that your children will be thrilled by the safari theme decorations in their bedroom.

Safari Theme for Kids Bedroom

Diy Jungle Theme Decorations

It is great for every boy and girl to have Safari theme in his/her bedroom. You are able to use tribal theme accessories, bamboo décor home, camouflage print covers as well as bed sheets. It is also possible to utilize faux palm trees and the bed can be covered with a canopy. The shape of the bed can come in a safari jeep or river boat style. In case your two children share the bedroom then one can think about a bed available in a tree house style.

As for the walls, they have to be painted in trees, birds as well as animals. In case you want to add a more realistic look, then think about plastic vines that hang from the ceiling, you can add life-like bud toys which can be placed on the windows. Mind that the furniture must match the safari theme. You can also take advantage of wallpapers that are available with safari theme.

How To Make Paper Jungle Vines

Safari Theme for Living Room

When decorating a room, you should remember that Safari theme involves bold colors, natural materials, as well as patterns. With the help of animal prints, one can stylize your living room. You are able to add animal colors as well as earth tones due to which you are able to achieve realistic feel.  You can also look for various light themes that are available in the market. In fact, you are able to choose from a number of plants, animals as well as natural themes. Do not forget about rugs available with animal prints as well as shapes that, actually, look like the skin of a real animal. You are able to add bed sheets that come with faux fur and animal prints.

Safari Theme Garden

Jungle Decorations Homemade

One can create a real jungle in the garden if you have it. It is advised to plant more ferns as well as palm trees. It will be a great idea to grow vines along with climbers that will crawl over the walls as well as trees. Do not forget about different exotic flowering plants. It is also advised to add rocks as well as caves in order to bring a more safari touch to the garden. Also it is better to add several animal figurants such as rabbits, deer and also peacocks. A bird house can also be placed as it will attract birds to the garden. One should admit that due to them you are able to add life to the safari theme.

Jungle Theme Costume Ideas

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Actually, you are provided with a number of ideas which you can use to add safari theme bedrooms as well as living rooms. It would be ideal to take advantage of art prints which are able to go well with your wall color, moreover, one can add bold pieces of art work on the wall. You can also add sculpture as well as bright soapstone vases.