Exterior Window Paint Color Ideas

Exterior window paint colours – When you are choosing exterior window paint colors, you have to take into account the age of your house, the design of your house, and the color of neighboring houses. This will allow you to choose colors that complement both your own house and the houses of your neighbors. In addition to the factors just listed, you should also look for other factors like brickwork, all-natural timber, as well as things like graveled or paved areas, grass, fencing, bushes, and flowers. This might seem like overkill but, at All Around Roofing and Exteriors, they know that choosing the color of your exterior windows is a holistic process.

can you paint exterior window frames

Can You Paint Exterior Window Frames

When you’re getting ready to paint the exterior of your home, you should probably pick a color that is a shade or two darker than you’re comfortable with because the color will look a lot lighter in sunlight. To hook up the exterior and interior of your home, consider painting some of the exterior elements of your home in the same color as some of the interior elements. You could even get furnishings in the color of the exterior of your home. All of this will make your home feel more unified and coherent, both inside and out.

Front Doors and Window Boxes

Flowerpots repainted in colors like Card Room Green or Oval Room Blue will certainly improve any type of exterior. However, you should take care not to use more than three colors on the exterior of your home or it could start to look confused. So, paint your window boxes and front door the exact same color and make them really pop with a high or semi-gloss paint.

Covering Exterior Windows For Painting

covering exterior windows for painting

Traditional colors such as red and black are perfect for front doors. In particular, you might choose Pitch Black or Incarnadine for a traditional yet trendy look.

Other prominent front door colors include Plummett, Studio Green, Black Blue as well as Hague Blue, all of which will look great in a high gloss. On the other hand, Blue Gray or Lichen in an eggshell will supply a cozy yet modern feel. On any exterior masonry on your home, you should consider Oxford Stone, especially if you live in a city home. This color will give your home an classic, aristocratic feel that will impress the neighbors.

Diy Paint Exterior Window Frame

diy paint exterior window frame

Exterior Paint For Window Sills

More Exterior Combinations

The exterior window painting combos in the pictures below have actually been picked by a professional colorist so that they fit with the design and other elements of the house. The color combos include a few of the most prominent colors and color combos that are presently on the market. Check them out so that you can start planning your own exterior home painting project today.

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