Advantages Of Plastic Mats

Advantages of plastic mats – Plastic mats are contemporary and can – if maintained – kept modern for a very long time. Choosing vinyl is not easy – the range of colors and patterns are virtually unlimited. Although vinyl does not belong to the funniest floor type, it has a lot of advantages that few others can compete with the floor. For this reason, plastic carpet is still the most common type of flooring in Swedish homes.

Advantages of Plastic Mats

The following could be mentioned for the benefit of the vinyl:

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  • Advantages of Plastic Mats suits those who want an easy-care and durable floor. It moreover No other flooring offers an equally wide range of patterns and colors as vinyl (vinyl or carpet as it is known).
  • Plastic mat is hygienic because it is so easy. Therefore, vinyl in bathrooms and kitchens especially popular – these areas contain a rich flora of bacteria and requires thorough cleaning.
  • It is very easy to lay vinyl flooring and it is easy to remove – perfect for those who often get tired of the same floor.
  • Plastic mats fit kitchens and bathrooms, but they can be placed throughout the home.
  • Cheap plastic mats can be bought for a price around 80-100 kr square meter. The rug is purchased in rolls of various widths.
  • Plastic mat for wet areas will however not be confused with those plastic mats that are used in other areas. . Bathroom Floor in the form of vinyl flooring is durable and practical. The only disadvantage of such floors is that they are perceived as “cheap”.

Painting vinyl

Some Advantages of Plastic Mats are equipped with so-called “plasticizers” in which the ink will not stick. This should be explored before embarking on painting the plastic mats – there are special paints for plastic mats which usually gives good results.

Laying tile on vinyl floor, however, not recommended – it is easy to remove vinyl. If the backing is plastic carpet is concrete, the wall and floor tiles to adhere better to the concrete base.

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