Add French Decor Country Style To Your Kitchen

Add French Decor Country Style to Your Kitchen – It is not necessary to be a decorator in order to add some elements of French country style home décor to your kitchen. Such alterations as coordinating your dishwater together with tablecloths and adding stencils to the walls can bring wonders and help make your kitchen look like an old French country Inn.

To create a great French country look, you should add a few antique looking painted pieces. One can use anything that comes with hand painted stenciling. If you do not have enough money for buying cabinets, you can repaint them.

French Antique Kitchen Bistro Tables


It is very important to use decorative accessories in French country style home looks décor as due to them one can totally alter the appearance of the whole room. You should focus you attention on dishware and canisters, tablecloths of various patterns and colors. You will be amazed to learn that a few changes can add a different look to any room. The whole interior can involve different wooden bowls or even vintage fabrics that can be used as curtains.

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French Inspired Kitchen Designs


Lighting is considered to be a key of any Add French Decor Country Style to Your Kitchen is not an exception. When thinking about lighting, you should install a good overhead lighting, also do not forget about task lighting. Usually, French country design style requires a crystal or painted chandelier which is available with scones or crystal lamps. Also, you should try to avoid elements that are modern and come with straight lines.

Windows Treatment

Bear in mind that windows can also influence on French country style home décor look. You can look for multiple window coverings that match this particular design. Never use heavy contemporary fabrics, it is better to look for sheers offered with a painted wooden valance or a beautiful toile print curtain.

Walls Decoration

The biggest change that can be applied to your kitchen is wall painting. Note that colors do play an important role in your French country style look. You should consider what color to use, i.e. either yellow or pale blue. It is preferable to use light colors along with crown moldings on the walls. In case you want to add something different, you can choose a stenciling.

French Kitchen Accessories Decor Pictures

After you have painted the walls, you have to decorate them. One can use a French flair together with country style paintings, you can even add old Add French Decor Country Style to Your Kitchen utensils that can be hanged on groupings, located on the wall. It is also possible to purchase tureen covers as well as interesting old plates which you can find at flea markets. Do not forget to hang silk ribbon or fancy hangers on the walls in order to add an amiable effect.

French Kitchen Decorating Colors Inspired

It is not so difficult to achieve a great French country look in your Add French Decor Country Style to Your Kitchen as it may seem, just avail new decorative accessories. But still, there is another way, i.e. to integrate details that could match your furniture as well as decorative accessories.