5 Best Exterior Paint Colors Schemes For Homes

5 Best Exterior Paint Colors Schemes for Homes – The look of the exterior of a House is the thing that has always kept its beauty because of the color of the outside of a House will be very beautiful when combined with attractive colors. By using attractive colors like 5 color examples below I am very sure that this will be an example for those of you who want to find a color combination that is right for you.

We particularly liked the color blue as the image above because the combination of blue color makes the color of the House remained sunny during the day and remain good in the evening. Combined with the White House still add more elegant and unsightly.

5 Best Exterior Blue Paint Colors Schemes For Homes

Just as the exterior color blue below, an ordinary-looking house design also performed better than in the other color. Combine it with white color to get great results.

In addition for you who likes the color green and wanted the House to appear cool, green color combinations for your home can be one of the options see the color green is an excellent natural color to the eye. We love the combination of colors is green with a black like the image below because in addition to look more natural with the color we are going to have a sense of cool to live in the House. Green color combination is perfect with the colors black, Brown or white.

5 Best Exterior Green Paint Colors Schemes For Homes

At least some of the combinations that we like to 5 Best Exterior Paint Colors Schemes for Homes they are:

  1. A blend of blue and white
  2. The combination of green color with brown/black/white
  3. The combination of bright yellow color with white
  4. The combination of grey with white color
  5. and a mix of pink and black.